The Largest Life Insurance Policies Ever

As I’ve mentioned before, life insurance can be a tricky industry to navigate. One of its biggest downsides is its macabre nature. Many people don’t like to think about when they will die or what will happen to their loved ones after they pass. That being said, not everything discussing life insurance needs to have such a sad tone. That is why I’ve decided to discuss a rather interesting topic: the largest life insurance policies in the world. To be more specific, these are incredibly expensive life insurance policies that were sold to individuals.


I would also like to state that these are not policies that I have sold or have anything to do with.


$5 million

I figured I would start things off with the smaller amounts before we got into the bigger numbers. This policy was incredibly simple and was meant specifically to cover the policyholder’s estate taxes. Apparently, the policyholder, who did not release his or her name, has an estate that was worth $10 million. And with projections of an increasing value, it was a no brainer for this individual to purchase a policy.


$10 million

The couple that purchased this policy did not wish to have their names released publicly, which is understandable. However, we do know that the couple purchased a joint policy worth $10 million. The payment will be made to a family trust in order for the couple’s businesses to retain the funds needed for operations.


$201 million

Now this is one of the absolute largest life insurance policies ever taken out. It should come as no surprise that this policy was purchased by a Silicon Valley billionaire. And, according to a report from Forbes, this particular individual is involved in the tech industry. This record-breaking policy required 19 separate insurance companies in order to finalize and has actually set a Guinness World Record for the Most Valuable Life Insurance Policy. And who says the wealthy don’t need life insurance?


There are several other large life insurance policies that have been sold that fall well within the $15 to $201 million price range, but I just wanted to give you guys a small sample of the different kinds of policies out there.