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A native New Jerseyan, Robert Taurosa has a deep-rooted history with the Garden State. Robert attended Monmouth University in New Jersey, from which he graduated with a degree in accounting and finance. After his incredibly successful academic career, Robert was able to forge an even more successful professional career in New Jersey. Robert founded The Ideal Life Agency, a life insurance agency that specializes in both life insurance policies as well as life settlements. Robert’s leadership abilities and knowledge have allowed The Ideal Life Agency to become one of the most respected agencies in all of New Jersey.

After the success of his life insurance agency, Robert quickly became interested in turning another of his passions into a lucrative business: automobiles. Using his entrepreneurial spirit, Robert founded RPM Auto Sales USA in 2008. Robert took the same dedication and business savvy from his life insurance agency and applied it to RPM Auto Sales USA and managed to create one of the most popular and trusted used car dealerships in New Jersey.


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