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Robert Taurosa has worked in the Life Settlement industry for the last 16 years and he continues to enjoy the rewarding experience of working with individuals everyday. From Newark, NJ, Robert understands what is needed in order to be successful in life. He graduated from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ, receiving a degree in Accounting and Finance and was named President of his fraternity starting his sophomore year. Working with the school administration, along with his fraternity brothers, helped Robert Taurosa realize the satisfaction in guiding others to their personal goals, and later in life, financial ambitions.

According to Robert, the Life Settlement industry is a fragmented one. It is described as such because there are many financial planners, brokers and providers all looking for business in the space. There are few if any companies that will service the whole process of the industry, meaning buy a policy from an insurer and keep it on the shelf forever. At Robert Taurosa’s Life Settlements Company, they focus on customer service. They see a real need in this industry for a company who consistently provides great service to life agents, financial planners, cpa’s and all of their clients who then become Robert’s clients. His company is committed to exceeding the expectations of all people that are involved with a life settlement transaction.

Life Insurance Settlements are a very big part of a person’s financial future. If you are one of the many seniors who finds themselves with a life insurance policy that is no longer needed or wanted, then a Life Settlement transaction is a real blessing. Most people have not even heard of a life settlement. If you are fortunate enough to be a senior and are aware of this process, you will realize an average of 8 times what you would receive from an insurance company by surrendering your policy. Depending upon the size of the policy, this can be hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars. The business of life settlements is unknown to most, and Robert Taurosa would love to be able to tell all people with life insurance over the age of 75 that this is an option for them.

In the Life Settlement business, Robert and his company do what they say they are going to do. They make promises and commitments to their clients and agents that they follow through with. The business of Life Insurance Settlements needs to be led by a company like Robert’s that does all that they can to satisfy their clients and agents. His company is proud of everything they do and appreciates the loyalty expressed by their agents and financial planners after they complete a transaction with their firm.

Robert Taurosa has a dedication to excellence that is clearly modeled in the way his firm operates. With meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled service, and a keen eye for detail, he is able to attain the best possible Life Settlement for each and every one of his clients. Yet, to Robert, clients are not just clients, they are friends and family. They are human beings with their own goals, dreams, and passions. By understanding that client relationships extend far beyond the limiting confines of office walls, Robert is able to connect with his clients on a deeper multi-faceted level. It is this sympathy, and more often than not, empathy, that establishes the lifelong relationships Robert Taurosa prides himself on.