It Covers What? Things Surprisingly Covered By Insurance Policies

Life insurance is one of the most important investments of your life. If you can afford a policy, make sure to get one. It can save your family a great deal of grief in the future. But today, I’m not here to discuss life insurance; I’m here to discuss the strange things that are covered by all different kinds of insurance policies. From car insurance to home insurance, these are some of the most random things covered by any kind of insurance policy.



For as much as we try to stay civilized, human beings are inherently violent. As unfortunate as it is, it is a very real truth. One of the most popular outlets for humans to channel their rage is through rioting, and in today’s political and social climate, a riot can form anywhere. Surprisingly, riots are covered under most car and home insurance. Although you should certainly stay away from any riots, you can rest assured that regardless of the damage, you will be covered. I should note that you should check your individual policies to ensure that you are actually covered by riots.


Dog Bites

Unfortunately, sometimes man’s best friend can be pretty aggressive. And that aggression can lead to accidental dog bites; if someone is bitten on your property, your home insurance can actually have you covered and pay for any legal fees. This is an incredibly common scenario; in fact, one-third of all homeowners insurance claims are related to dog bites.


Defense Attorney

You’ve just been rear ended and the perpetrator doesn’t want to cough up the money for repairs to your vehicle; what’s worse is you’ve sustained injuries that require medical attention. You want to take legal action, but you can’t afford a defense attorney. Well, if you’ve got car insurance, you might be covered. Insurance agencies can foot most of the bill, including the cost of a defense attorney.


Again, I’d like to stress that these are all situations that are generally covered by most insurance policies. You should always look over your various policies to determine what you are covered for.


Good luck!