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Robert Taurosa Cautionary Tales: Life Insurance Mistakes

Cautionary Tales: Life Insurance Mistakes

As a life insurance agent, I promote truth, honesty and transparency. These are three crucial characteristics of a great life insurance salesperson. Unfortunately, not everyone abides by these three principles. While life insurance can be a tremendous boon for grieving families, it has also been used by those with nefarious intent. I wanted to highlight a few examples of life… Read more →

Robert Taurosa Life Insurance Settlement Startup Shakes Up Industry

Life Insurance Settlement Startup Shakes Up Industry

The life insurance settlement industry is a lucrative market, with an estimated value of $1.7 billion. A life settlement is when somebody sells their life insurance policy to an investor, in exchange for a percentage of the policy’s face value. Since its inception, the life insurance settlement market has been dominated by brokers, but two Stanford University grads are seeking… Read more →

Robert Taurosa Government Policy Outlining Self-Driving Vehicles Released

Government Policy Outlining Self-Driving Vehicles Released

With autonomous vehicles at the tip of everyone’s tongue, it is not unreasonable to expect they could be commonplace within the next five to ten years. Google, Tesla, Uber, and seemingly innumerable other household names are investing capital and time in comprehensive self-driving vehicle initiatives. Even the government is now getting behind the idea.   As a result, the Federal… Read more →

7 efficiency hacks for agents

Time is an agent’s most precious commodity. It is near impossible to manage our infinite tasks in our office’s all-too finite hours, so we need to incorporate tips and tricks of the trade to stay on top of it all. This wonderful piece gives some excellent insight on little-known ‘life hacks’ that shorten your day and lengthen your career. Read more →

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Financial Missteps

You just graduated undergrad. You moved out of your dorm room or an apartment footed by your parents and it’s time to make your own way, time to find a job that actually supports you and to blaze your way in the world, to make a name for yourself and lay the foundation for the rest of your professional career.… Read more →

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How Insurance Companies Find What You Never Want Them to

With the digital transfer of information from things like your credit cards and purchase histories, highly powerful insurance conglomerates have been able to gather information with more ease than ever before. What follows is a list of the ways these corporate giants are able to access your personal information, which then often plays a significant role in the composure of… Read more →