Helping the Uninsurable

A new insurance technology company has released a new life insurance product for citizens in the UK. One of the largest life insurance companies, Royal London, has created this product to aid people who are deemed “uninsurable” because of pre-existing conditions. Those who are specifically targeted for this new product are people who have been diagnosed with diabetes and HIV prior to applying to health insurance.



What is it?

AllLife is health insurance company located in South Africa that has created a groundbreaking product that uses an algorithmic process that offers users reasonable insurance pricing that also interacts with users to remind them when they need to maintain their health. Kalibre can remind users to take their medication, eat, or even exercise. When users engage with the suggested tasks, it helps lower the price of the insurance policy they are on.


CEO and founder Ross Beerman stated, “We have a follow-on process, we intervene in people’s health. We tell people, don’t forget to do this, you should really do this — we do that through text message, emails, sometimes calls. We intervene.” These simple reminders help users to continue to be proactive in their own health is where this company differs in their terms of their insurance companies.



Why is it Important?

People who live with lifelong diseases like diabetes can ultimately lower their policy rates up to 40% during the time they are using Kalibre. Simple tasks such as checking glucose, eating healthy, and regularly taking their prescribed medication can benefit them, not only as a precautionary measure but also financially. With some UK citizens facing the possibility of losing free insurance, it is important to take advantage of resources like Kalibre that can save money and change your daily health lifestyle.


AllLife was the first company to offer life insurance to people living with HIV in South Africa back in 2006. Their mission to design and deliver innovative and affordable products to neglected life insurance market segments has created and will continue to create, a social shift in how people with lifetime diseases afford their medical expenses. With 20,000 clients already signed up, AllLife’s growth will inevitably continue the due passion for their patients and its mission to create an innovative health insurance market.