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Robert Taurosa, Insurance Information, Data Collection

How Insurance Companies Find What You Never Want Them to

With the digital transfer of information from things like your credit cards and purchase histories, highly powerful insurance conglomerates have been able to gather information with more ease than ever before. What follows is a list of the ways these corporate giants are able to access your personal information, which then often plays a significant role in the composure of… Read more →

Term vs Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance is incredibly important when it comes to making sure our loved ones are left behind in safe hands in the wake of our death. However, the nuances between the varierty of insurances available can often make one’s head spin. It is for this reason that I will address some of these nuances in an attempt to make the… Read more →

AIG Fights For Its Life Insurance

AIG (American International Group) has been embroiled in a court case with their life insurance company, Coventry First, since last week. Stating that Coventry has been overcharging them for years, AIG is seeking reparations in the amount of $1.76 billion for damages, and the potential harm visited on the accounts of elderly employees. Accusing Coventry First of not only artificially… Read more →